Monument to the Unknown Hero and Avala Mount

The Avala Mountain is 511 meters high and it is another city symbol, for two reasons, the first one - when approaching the city with the south or central side, you must reach this mountain and know you will soon arrive in Belgrade, and the other is a TV tower that adorns the peak of Avala. The tower is 204.7m high and at 125m there is a panoramic view, with the cafe.
There is this monument to an unknown hero as a symbol of gratitude to all unknown fighters who have given life for the freedom of their country. The construction of the monument began in 1934 and ended in 1938. There are also interesting things about this place, which is that there was a fortress that was still from the time of the Romans, and until the later periods had the purpose of controlling the approach of the city, but for days it was the dynamite ruined due to the construction of this monument, speculating that it is a Masonic 

form, which is supported by the fact that King 
A.Karadjordjevic laid in the substruction a silver hammerwhich is one of the symbols of masons. Another unusual thing about the monument is that immediately after the occupation of Belgrade in the 2 SR, the delegations of the senior German army officers visited this monument and gave a high honor, which is why nobody knows yet, but all this is documented in photographs.


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