Parliament of Serbia

 The House of the National Parliament was built near today's Tasmajdan Park, where Sultan Hatiseri was read on November 30, 1830, where the Serbian people were granted the right to freedom, and Miloš Obrenović became the hereditary prince of the Serbian state.
The foundation stone for the building of the building on Nikola Pašić Square, today's House of the National Assembly, was laid on August 27, 1907, in the presence of King Peter the First Karađorđević. On the foundations of the building, on this occasion, the charter with the names of the king, the Metropolitan and the chief architect Jovan Ilkić were built.
After the death of Jovan Ilkić in 1917, his son Pavel Ilkić was entrusted with a project change, after which the works continued from 1920 to 1926.
In the next stage of construction, which began in 1934, the main designer was Nikola Krasnov. After the October Revolution he arrived in Belgrade with a group of emigrants.

The construction of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was completed in 1936.
Sculpture with a stairway approach was built in 1939
During the Second World War, the parliament building was spared destruction, because it contained the German Command.


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