Prince Milosh house-konak

Milosev konak is located in the very beautiful Topcider park in Belgrade. This museum talks about the turbulent history of Serbs under Turkish occupation and their eternal aspiration for independence. Through the exhibits, the museum depicts cultural and social changes and the transition of a society from oriental to European civilizational flows. The Milosh Konak was built in 1831 according to the wishes of Prince Milosh (leader of the Second Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire).
Prince Miloš and the Turks managed to reach an agreement on the Turkish-Serbian government in Serbia, which finally concluded that the Turks could stay in the country and live in the cities. Milos ordered the construction of the Konak to Topcider because it was located in the immediate vicinity of Kalemegdan (Belgrade Fortress), which was then in the jurisdiction of Turkey. In this way, Miloš could have been unhindered, and more importantly, he noticed in time that every delegation or army approaching the Konak.
The museum is located in a building on two levels. The first floor shows objects and clothes from the time of the rule of Turkey in Serbia, while on the second level there are exhibits that testify about the European impact on life and culture in Serbia

It is believed that the imposing platinum located in front of the entrance to the museum was planted at the same time when the conah was built in 1831, which means that the platinum is over 185 years old. Because of its importance and years, the plateau is protected as a monument of nature in 1979. The impressive tree is 34 meters high, with a tree size of more than 7 meters, with a crown circumference of 49 meters. In order to prevent the breaking of the branches of this platinum, 17 metal pillars had to be installed on which today's outer branches of the crown are leaning. The second step on the wooden staircase after entering the cone is slightly larger than the first one. The legend says that the step with the intention was made higher so that those who for the first time come to the sack to sip it. This way, Milos knew someone was entering his house for the first time.
Visitors should pay attention to the lock at the front door. This lock with a big key is still used to lock the museum after so many times.


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